60 Scenes- Disorder and Illusion

Claim my territory through a construction


A landscape line with irregular sequence

The construction locates on the top of a hill in urban field of Oslo, and faces to the sea. From the forest to the sea, visitors may miss some pieces of sceneries, but when visitors return to the starting point, you would find the missing sceneries are just on the front. It provides an experience that visitors meet scenes unexpectedly and they might shift dramatically. For example, the first moment, a visitor is in the quiet dark of the forest watching the sparkling ocean in the distance, but the next moment find himself in the sunshine.

The new territory is understood as a place that states a clear relationship between context and context and by so doing offers an active relationship between nature and culture. There is no need to discover an established territory,but create one. Within a given area, you shall through a construction claim your own territory.

“It is a wish that the territory is recruited from a condition where people meet and move, an area affected by people presence and their activity, but that is of a more subversive character and not necessarily public program. Within this context the territory can be seen as rather ragile, a character that is both its weakness and strength. Your creative reading of the area, the way you treat and find inspiration in the new information is vital for the way you sense the territory enhances. The challenge offered to the Construction is to reinforce the relationship between what you see and the potential you sense the territory enhances.

The architecture of them territory is searching for a conscious relationship between nature and culture, a condition that is not passive, but active. The established “culture of place” has made this relationship rather passive. How can the territory, the way the program describes it with its fragile and potential energy release this relationship?

Individual Academic Work

Duration: 01/2011-06/2011

© 2011 Yan Wang
All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Yan Wang.
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 A landscape line with irregular sequence


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