Refresh the old town



Evolving Amenities


Part I – Planning

Cultural heritage

  • Insert artists into old town;
  • Traffic system planning;
  • Classify building status and energy supply system;
  • Classification of zones and green openings;
  • Street design;

At present, it is mainly the floating population, which is not assigned to a specific spatial unit. Beyond, one cannot help but notice the discrepancy between top- down provided public space and bottom-up self-created public space.

How cities may be constructed and transformed by staging, rather than resolving, urban contestations. Urban design is used as a tool or negotiation towards a workable synthesis between conflicting realities, such as the protection of historical blocks and development of the living standards. The subjects primarily concerned include a broader frame of reference that steers urban development, and a general, open and flexible development strategy and frame social commitments which strive to enlarge the civic realm, enrich urban culture and create new, sustainable urban spaces. They are premised upon attractive long-term perspectives and the structuring of the city as a whole.

Sociology research mainly focuses on cultural characteristics and social effects, and emphasizes protecting residents so as to protect the continuity of the cultural heritage of the city; economics mainly focuses on how to achieve the social and economic value by function adjustment and replacement;

The key point of my discussion is how to protect and restore the historical sites, and boosts its renovation and benefits.

The Drum tower and the Bell Towers are not as attractive as the forbidden City and other famous Palace. Bad organization even make this area look like a slum. I proposed to add 7 filtering streets along all attractions, with exhibition room, outdoor activities space, and greens, which would be open to the public. Also, Along the axis of the cross.

It will work for the travel and tourism industry improves the income of some residents, the daily life of the residents, and at the same time, minimize the disturbance to the residents’ daily lives.

Individual Academic Work

Duration: 09/2011-06/2012

© 2012 Yan Wang
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Part II – Online home design system

Self organized system

  • Models;
  • Interface;
  • Programming;

The designer can be affected by their personal profit and their clients’ interests and, eventually, the project cannot be designed for the users as a starting point. Even if the designers purely accord to their clients’ demand, the needs of their users, as a large group, are too complex for an individual to match. Even if the users’ needs can be matched, this state can not last long because the needs themselves are always changing faster than the static design. The design always lags behind changing environment.

Inspired from the natural adaptive system, self – organized system is a new model proposed to solve the above problems. It builds a dynamic interaction mechanism between site activities and the physical form of site. It balances the whole vision with the individual needs. After setting up the roles and strategies, the individuals can start to work on their own. They are working in a model, with restrictions, but also given freedom to meet their personal requirements.

This model allows the site to evolve within a general framework of rules and regulations, instead of a complete control of the site. It allows the site to grow, evolve, and decay.



Individual  Academic Work
Duration: From September, 2011 to 2012
Tutor: Kijo Rokkaku

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