Project: “Ikebana Summer Arrangement” Group Show

Floral Designer | June 2016

Other Floral Design Works:

Project: Re-juvenation – Through an urban perspective

Exhibition Organizer | May 2016

Project: Rupture- Before & Beyond

Exhibition Organizer | Jan 2016 – Feb 2016

I worked with two curator team through exhibitions in 2016 to discuss the changing roles of artists in the context of two world famous metropolitan- Beijing and New York. Artists will be selected based on their interest in engaging with specific urban contexts. They are either with architecture learning background, or have persistent interest on site specific work. Many of the resulting works will be created in collaboration with urban planners and local residents. The public will be engaged in cultural programs through the assembly of artistic activities, discussions, and workshops.

Project: Crossing Dialogue for Emergency Architecture | National Art Museum, China

Volunteer | Feb 2008 – May 2008

  • Assisted Peru architect, Leondelima, to conduct a concrete construction for her works (Teatina-quincha system) including bamboo measurement and cutting, making panel points with flax|
  • Designed main poster of “Cross” 5.12 Emergency Architecture Peripheral Exhibition of Wenchuan

Exhibition Info

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