Constructed Ground- Landform study

Operated landform


The learning process first came from some operated words: push, pull, thrust, carve, slice, skim, shear, scrape, score, perforate, fold, tuck, gather, pleat, tip, tilt, bend, warp, distort…

How to translate an operate words to several landforms? What is the property? What spacial, ecological potential it holds? How can them work in different scale? And how people engage in it? A lot of clay models were done to explore and experience the landform with the mind of these questions. I was really impressed by some little moving across the rolling form by imagining myself walking on them. Standing its inherent opportunities and limitations; altering it for human use and occupation; and building it with varying construction methodologies.

Individual Academic Work

Duration: 01/2012-2/2012

© 2012 Yan Wang
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