Design Principle

Introduction to landscape architecture


1-Approaching to landscape:

For me, the structure shows power of landscape design. Think big, but get to the point. And also, its relation with the surroundings, it should not be a personal game but a careful design and does not hurt anything. When I was traveling in northern Norway, I was really impressed by the structure used to dry up fish. It is simple but does all the work it needs to do. It is based on the residents full understanding of their habitat: sun, wind and tidal changing… Also, when fish-man hangs up the fishes, it becomes a corridor formed by fish above and projecting light inside in different densities. But, when empty of all the fish, this frame totally merges to the environment.  That is really a big idea for me.

2-System Model

How the system might work into the ground by the structural logic inspired it? But, when they stand apart from each other, they begin to create thinner barriers, and the access to the central could be also disturbed by the wood chips in each ring A Portion of Density/Materials Changing Access and buffer……

3- Intention and Resistance

4- Seepage and Depth

Individual Academic Work

Duration: 09/2012-12/2012

© 2012 Yan Wang
All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Yan Wang.
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5. Final Project: Center for the Study of Movement, Space and Structure

  • 2 Week Final Project
  • Requirement:
  • Note: the scale of the site has been changed
  •  Intentionally as a course design.
  • Six performance spaces( w/ structures) supporting maximum of twenty dancers and providing space for a maximum audience of fifty:
  • 1) Celebrates sunrise
  • 2) Celebrates sunset
  • 3) Celebrates wind(w/structure to shelter audience from wind)
  • 4) Contractive/inward focused
  • 5) Expansive/outward focused(w/ distant view) with structural system that
  •     Frames& scales actions
  • 6) Multilayered and celebrating water

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