Fabric of blue-way and green-way

Woonasquatucket river bank park


The primary challenge in this project is to weave ecological habitat with recreational and urban resource, and to create an oasis with daily, seasonal, and yearly changing dynamic spaces within a heavy urban industrial desert. Also, the proposal here is an integration of site conditions and personal intention, dealing with runoff pollution, and riverbank healing.

To deal with the polluted water from uphill and roads, a process of infiltration has been created based on the landforms and  a fixed physical infrastructure of artificial materials interacting with changing natural phenomenon and sources, which include soil erosion, fracturing, tidal changes, evaporation, waste deposits and so on. Material choices are critical here.

The park will serve the recreational needs of the public and will be a critical component of the continued revival of the biological health of the river and its related ecosystems.

Individual Academic Work

Duration: 02/2013-05/2013

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