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Residential House Project

A housing focused on external environment


My work does not focus on units of housing, but the its connection with external environment, so called as “ting” in Chinese, which makes a community. However, it is not neglectable that residents are so adaptable to different sizes of space, ranging from a tiny little space to a huge luxury house. Moreover, no matter how diversely designed an apartment could be, it still could not satisfy each resident’s taste.

Therefore, I think architects should leave the chance to residents themselves to design each individual unit. Generally, each unit of a flat or a house is considered to be just the same as any other normal commercial product. I hope they could change the product according to their particular needs. From this point of view, It is a product designed by both the architect and all the residents. Therefore, our job is to organize these units, to balance their benefit and to manage the sharing space.

Individual Academic Work

Duration: 09-10/2010

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