Fluid Seaoul

A Balance between Earth, Water, and Human

Seoul Yeoui-naru Ferry Terminal Design Competition

04/2017 – 05/2017



Fluid Seoul, an environmental friendly park which displays the natural and urban scenery of Seoul will mark the heart of the Han River, creates extraordinary, sheltered, and vegetated spaces that one discovers through various height and entries. It is designed with the theme of “cycle of the Han River”, which integrates the view, water, and the earth, as well as plants in various stages of “life”.


The identity of Fluid Seoul and the identity of this city is the ever-changing vitality and the harmony with the environment. With strong connections between surroundings and neighborhoods, Fluid Seoul possesses the value of culture while fulfills the requirements of survival and function by integrating a sustainable system in the overall site plan, which includes a habitat for birds, bio-filteration zones for stormwater, and energy saving plans for the building.


Yeoui-Naru (ferry terminal), a gentle building which minimizes environmental effects, integrates architectural design and structural performance by using branching structure. This linear building maximizes the scenery of the Han River by replacing the columns with two structural cores, which provide structural support and architectural aesthetics. The glass ceiling of the cores offer diffused sunlight which naturally brighten the interior spaces, thus reducing the cost of electric lighting. While at night, artificial lighting creates an ambient exterior luminescence, resulting in an iconic and unique landmark.


The future of the Han River is the greater harmonization between nature and human. Fluid Seoul is where water, earth and human activities intertwine. Visitors immerse in the park where layers of plantings create an intimate setting. Both hard-scape and soft-scape are designed with graceful fluidity, which provides flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs. Fluid Seoul, a balance between the soft and rigidity, vitality and calmness, earth and human, is ready for the city to embark on its future journey.


Team: IAI Architecture(Leader), Yan Wang, Chao-yu Chen

Master Plan


Screenshot 2017-09-20 14.24.04


Phase III Bird-view







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