Scenic Orifice

Natian Cup International Design Competition

Scenic Orifice | 孔中之景


Scenic Orifice, a series of landscape structure which possess the Chinese culture and history of Suqian will mark the heart of the Shanshui Green Corridor, create playful and sustainable spaces that present new forms of urban landscape in the digital age. Using the tubes as prototypes, the structures are designed with the theme of human evolving history (sit, crawl, stand, and walk) and the five phases of Chinese philosophy (metal, wood, water, fire, earth). Together, they create twenty structures, each provides different experience for the visitors. These structures will serve as delicate and playful exhibition places invite artists to design site specific projects. Incorporating the technique of augmented reality and virtual reality, the structures will become platforms which connect historic and cultural contexts and define the park as a new urban icon.

The project is designed with sustainable material of geotex concrete which uses recycled fabric and sands from Luoma River. According to the report from Suqian government, there are about 1000 recycle bins for clothing in Suqian and they collected 200 tons of clothes by the end of 2015. Many organizations are now researching the usage of recycled fabric in concrete and it will become feasible within one year. By using the sustainable local material, Scenic Orifice is a project that responds to the local government’s goal of developing an eco-city.

  • Prototypes of spatial
  • Experience of history
  • Culture, art, and technology

Team: Yan Wang (Leader), Chao-yu Chen

Duration: 08/2017-09/2017


Concept Drawing



Site Context


The selected site, Art Park, is at the center of Shanshui Green Corridor, which is located on the axis between the Luoma Lake and the NaTian Flower Farm in Suqian. This is a great location for visitors to experience the past and future of the city within the urban park setting. Suqian is a dynamic historical city. Xiacaowan Fossil Anthropoid Relic Site is located at the south of the city. According the academic report, Xiacaowan man belongs to later period Homo sapiens, who is almost the same with modern man. Experts believe the Xiacaowan men are descendants of Beijing Ape Man and are also ancestors of modern Chinese. Using the concept of human evolution and Chinese philosophy, Scenic Orifice investigates history, culture, and functions. It reinterprets the urban landscape and creates a user-centric design which is adaptive and sustainable.





The identity of Suqian is the historic culture and the sustainable environment. Scenic Orifice possesses the value of culture while fulfills the functions by integrating a sustainable design in cutting-edge technology. This design proposal provides another way of thinking landscape architecture by imaging what a future park will be. With the release of augmented reality apps from major information technology companies like Apple and Google, there will be a shift of how people experience spaces in the near future. The future of the park is the harmonization between the usage of technology and the environment. Scenic Orifice is where art, history, culture, and technology intertwine. Visitors immerse in the park where different types of spaces create intimate settings. Both hard-scape and soft-scape provide flexibility and responsiveness to exhibition needs. Scenic Orifice, a balance between the past and future, reality and imagination, earth and human, will regenerates the public spaces of Suqian.

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