Adobe Illustrator Tips

Useful Tips For Drawing a diagram….

Swatch Library>Select color from a group of color in harmony

Draw Arrow/Pattern Quickly:Type>Create Outlines, Windows>Brushes>New Brushes>Pattern Brush

Live Paint: Object>Live Paint>Gap options: to close any areas that may not be entirely connected.

Blend Tool;

Transform Each: will applied to the objects according to their respective origin, similar to a pivot point.

Symbol Options: to create a symbol, drag the artwork that will serves as the symbol into the symbols palette.

Replace old symbol with new symbol: go to the menu on the symbols palette and choose replace symbol.

Object> Compound path>make: Create several outlines into one clipping mask

Creating an exploded axonometric diagram: Transform>Reset Bounding Box;

Time-based imagery: loading an image sequence(30 frames per second); Tweening between layer states;

Image stacks: image stacks provide a way to combine a series of images to represent a compression of time within a single image. Show motion within an image. File>Scripts>Load Files into Stack. After loading the images, align the images using Edit>Auto-Align Layers. To create the image stack, select all of the aligned layers and go to layer>smart objects>convert to smart object. It is now possible to use one of the image stack modes to process the images by selecting layer>Smart Object>Stack Mode and choosing the appropriate mode.

Change Opacity of Stroke/Fill :

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.51.04 AM.png

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