Adobe Photoshop Tips

Useful Tips For Drawing a…

1. Site Map/Plan Rendering

Import CAD Drawing (Keep The Same Scale):Import the PDF created from the AutoCAD line work by opening the PDF directly in PS. Choose Bleed Box for the crop to: OPTION. The image size should be the same size as the page size created in the Paper Space tab in AutoCAD.

Background:Layer>New Fill layer>Select Background color. Fit to any sizes when you do crop.

Change line weight:Cmd/Ctrl + Click the Icon in the linework layer to select all of the pixels on that layer. Bright/Darkness来调节线的粗细。

Adjustment Layer:Layer-New Adjustment Layer: when the adjustment layer is turned off, the adjustment does not affect the image. To make more adjustments, double-click the icon in the adjustment layer so that the dialog box will appear.

Generate Aerial :The images that will be tiled should be saved as separate files and placed in a folder on the hard drive. Each image must overlap the images that will be adjacent. File>Automate>Photomerge


Window>Actions. By default, the actions menu contains a folder(referred to as a “set”) of predefined actions called “Default Actions”. New actions can be added to the “default actions” set. To create a new Set, click the folder icon at the bottom of the menu. Name this new set ” Custom Actions”.

Before finalizing the action, it can be helpful to record the flattening and saving of a file. By recording this sequence in addition to the adjustments, the action will perform the adjustments, save, and close as part of playing the action. Layer>Flatten Image, File>Save, and File>Close.

Click the stop button on the bottom left portion of the actions menu. The Action is no longer recording steps.

Playing action in PS:

Click on the menu icon in the top right corner of the actions menu, and selecting ” Save actions”. Similarly, actions can be imported by clicking the same menu in the top right. Action Set file(Known as an .ATN files).


Batch Rename in bridge:  Tools>Batch rename



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