Where to find a design competition?

Want to do a design competition? Here are the places you can find one.


Architecture/Landscape Architect:http://bustler.net/competitions/

Architecture: https://www.archdaily.com/search/competitions

Public Art: https://www.callforentry.org/

*Please find something with no entry fee.


  1. ASLA: https://www.asla.org/OpportunitiesAndEventsListing.aspx
  2. WLA: https://worldlandscapearchitect.com/category/resources/competition/
  3. Architectural Record (http://archrecord.construction.com)
  4. Archinect (www.archinect.com)
  5. World Architecture News (www.worldarchitecturenews.com)
  6. Architecture week (www.architectureweek.com)
  7. AIA (www.aia.org)
  8. World Architects (www.world-architects.com)
  9. Bldg Blog (http://bldgblog.blogspot.com)
  10. World Architecture Community (www.worldarchitecture.org)
  11. Building Design (www.bdonline.co.uk)
  12. Mirage Studio (http://blog.miragestudio7.com)
  13. http://Architecture.com RIBA (www.architecture.com)
  14. Architecture MNP (http://architecture.myninjaplease.com)
  15. AJ Online (www.architectsjournal.co.uk)
  16. MIMOA (www.mimoa.eu)
  17. Eiknographia (www.eikongraphia.com)
  18. Architect Magazine (www.architectmagazine.com)
  19. ArchiDose (http://archidose.blogspot.com)
  20. + Mood (http://plusmood.com)
  21. Designboom (http://www.designboom.com/competition)
  22. Inhabitat (www.inhabitat.com)
  23. Yanko Design (www.yankodesign.com)
  24. Dezeen (www.dezeen.com)
  25. Mocoloco (www.mocoloco.com)
  26. Furniture Fashion (www.furniturestoreblog.com)
  27. Notcot (www.notcot.org)
  28. PSFK (www.psfk.com)
  29. The Coolhunter (www.thecoolhunter.net)
  30. Contemporist (www.contemporist.com)
  31. Dwell Blog (www.dwell.com/blogs)
  32. World Changing (www.worldchanging.com)
  33. Materialicious (www.materialicious.com)
  34. Dezain (www.dezain.net)
  35. Icon Eye
  36. We Heart Stuff (www.weheartstuff.co.uk)
  37. Things Magazine (www.thingsmagazine.net)
  38. City of Sound (www.cityofsound.com)
  39. Dezona (www.dezona.com)
  40. Tropolism (www.tropolism.com)

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